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All About B-12 Injections

You’ll absorb more B-12 when you get a injection in the muscle compared to taking an oral supplement. Many patients notice a major improvement in energy, sleep, and cognitive function when they get regular shots! B-12 shots are a safe, effective way to support your body’s nutrient needs.

What causes Vitamin B-12 deficiency?

1. Diet

Since B-12 is a vitamin found in animal products, B-12 is a very common deficiency in vegans in vegetarians, and in those with very little animal products in their diet.

2. Low Absorption

Gut Inflammation/Bowel Disease
If you have inflammation in your gut, your absorption of vitamin B-12 can be affected. This leads to B-12 deficiency in those with bowel diseases such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, or celiac disease.

Food Sensitivities
People with undiagnosed or untreated food sensitivities usually have low-level inflammation in their gut, which lowers the absorption of many nutrients including B-12.

Gastric Surgery
If you’ve had gastric surgery it’s very likely you’re not absorbing B-12 from food or oral supplements.

We absorb less and less B-12 as we age because of changes to the lining of the stomach.

3. Over-Use

B-12 is a nutrient used up in times of stress -- any physical OR emotional stress can lead to B vitamin deficiency. Adrenal fatigue, vigorous exercise, and illness are common causes of over-use.

Certain medications can decrease your levels of vitamin B-12 like birth control pills, acid blocking medication, cholesterol medication, metformin, and so on (to see if your medications cause nutrient depletions, click here!)

If you drink alcohol, your body will use a lot of B Vitamins to detoxify.

There are no toxic levels or “too much” B-12. My patients start with weekly shots and tune into how their body responds. Once they feel balanced with improved energy, I usually recommend spacing out or decreasing the frequency of shots. You’ll want to get a boost when you’re under high stress or are starting to feel run down, or regularly if you have a health condition that requires it.

B12 Benefits

Energy and balance

Better mood

Deeper sleep

Balanced immune system

Mental clarity

Weight loss

Increased metabolism


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Dr. Caitlin Fanning Dr. Caitlin Fanning, ND, is a naturopathic doctor and women’s health specialist at Pacific Coast Integrative Health in Santa Cruz, California. She provides compassionate and comprehensive care to patients of all ages and conditions with a focus on women’s health, hormone health, nutrition, stress management, fertility, and preconception care.

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