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Functional Lab Testing

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Dr. Caitlin Fanning, N.D.

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Dr. Caitlin Fanning is happy to offer comprehensive laboratory testing for her patients. Depending on your current symptoms and priorities, there are many testing options available. This information helps Dr. Fanning design an individualized treatment protocol. Body biomarkers are monitored over time once a treatment plan is in place so we can monitor your progress.

Functional Lab Testing Q & A

Common Lab Testing Used:

  • Comprehensive Hormone Analysis
    • Salivary, Urine, or Serum testing
  • FULL Thyroid evaluation (beyond TSH)
  • Adrenal Stress Test
    • Salivary Cortisol or Urine Hormone Metabolite Testing
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
    • Adults and Children (fingerprick)
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Iron Panel
  • Cholesterol and Lipoprotein Panel
  • Vitamin D Serum Testing
  • Comprehensive Stool Testing
  • Micronutrient Panel

Lab results are evaluated along with your current symptoms to individualize and prioritize a treatment plan specifically for you.

Some tests can be fully or partially billed to your insurance, depending on your insurance plan. Discounted cash prices may be available for select cash labs, depending on the test.

Dr. Fanning will order and review your lab results in your office visit. You must be established as a current patient for labwork to be ordered for you.

To learn more about what lab options may be available to you and get pricing estimates, please schedule a free 15 minute intro visit with Dr. Fanning.